Reclaiming Cunt, breaking through, & relationship-ing w/Sophia Wise One

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Womanhood is a multidimensional experience. We birth nations and carry the weight of the world on our backs. The pain of our foremothers is twined in the helix, transmitted generation after generation. Trauma has been sewn in the lining of our womb… and still, we rise. 

We have each been charged with healing our line, backward and forwards. We are the generation birthed to re-member, born to re-pair, and brought forth to re-store harmony. And this is why we do the work.

My guest this week is Sophia Wise One, and she is indeed wise. Her own healing set her on the path to help other women to come home to their bodies, connect with their wombs, and tap into the divinity of universal wisdom. 

In this episode we explore:

⇒ Breakthroughs, burnout, & using other people to beat ourselves up.

⇒ Marriage never-readiness, ego construction, and marrying identities

⇒ Go-to recipes for pleasure & mind massages

⇒ Bringing up your shit, holding your breath, & protecting sexuality



“I choose to believe that this is the best case scenario”  – Sophia Wise One       Sophia Hoffer-Perkins             

About Sophia Wise One:

– Bodyworker, Facilitator and teacher for 20 years, including certified Holistic Pelvic Care Provider Tm, Reiki Master and LMT

– Child mystic & shamanic practitioner

– She is also the creator of the skill building “I LOVE MY LIFE: Card Game and Oracle Deck.”

– helps people find and express their true self, through her a fierce, loving, and compassionate yet bold presence so you can know your own inner wisdom

– She can help you move through pain, blocks, trauma, stagnation and difficult transitions to find healing, creative renewal, embodiment and juicy living on the other side.  

Always asking, “Who would you be if you were truly yourself?”

Check out Sophia’s website, follow her on Twitter, FB, and Instagram. And be sure to check out the Vagina Talks podcast.

The following is mentioned in this episode:

Wild Feminine – Tammy Lynn Kent

The Holiday – movie

ShuNahSii Rose 

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