The past is an oracle

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How you regard your past influences how your future unfolds.

                                                                                              Danielle LaPorte


I have had unpleasant experiences in my life, but I do not have a single sad story to tell. 

There has been heartbreaking misfortune. I have had the best and worst luck, but I have always been delivered to the other side with grace. 

I have been called many names. I have been treated with both kindness and disregard, but I have never accepted or encountered defeat. 

Life has taken me through some pretty rough terrain, and it has also placed me in the midst of opportunity. 

I have been wronged by lovers, cheated by friends, and scrutinized by family. Yet I have never met a single human being that was not deserving of compassion.

There have been moments of great despair, years of endless confusion, and decades of utter chaos. And I still do not know how to give up. 

I have learned the difference between thinking and feeling.

I have been inside the quiet of the storm’s eye.

I have survived the silence of a peaceful mind. 

I know the power of energy. 

I am both the problem and the solution.

I am the question and the answer. 

And I am stronger than I know. 

My past is my greatest teacher. It is the teller of my fortune. The dispenser of wisdom. And the muse to my creativity. 

The past is all-knowing and unalterable. 

It tells tales of what was, while predicting what will be. 

The past is an oracle. 

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