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As women, we have been socially conditioned to disconnect from our bodies. We are numb to sensation and detached from pleasure. We are allowed to be sexy, but we are not allowed to be sexual.

And we have fashioned our most intimate relationships by the examples from our childhood. We want the romance that we read about. We want the kind of love that wins Oscars. But we were not taught to love ourselves and that makes it difficult to love others.

We are either love addicts or love avoidants, because it’s so hard to believe that we are good enough.

And when we don’t feel good enough, we can never know when enough is enough. We don’t know when to stop self-medicating with food, sex, drugs, and duty. We don’t know when to stop putting up and tolerating. When to stop accommodating and pleasing.

And this is why we do the work. tweet this

Here are some of challenges I have helped my clients overcome:


Relationship Issues

Body Image 

Low Libido

Lack of Desire

∇ Compulsive Eating



Together we (you + me) will provoke your pleasure,

untangle your desire, and discover what’s driving your cravings.


I spent years healing my own wounds and becoming intimate with myself. And now I help women just like you to do the same, so that they can create conscious relationships and live delicious lives.


Ready to work together? There are two 1:1 options available:










Feel free to contact me with any questions.