Attention whoring, money blocks, and the duality of being seen w/Mia Davis

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This week I am chatting with my sister-friend and emotional accountability partner, Mia Davis. Mia is the kind of friend that listens with her heart. She gives every person she meets an opportunity to be seen. 

But even more than that, Mia is a seeker. She is always looking for ways to expand herself and she is unafraid to look at the shadowy bits. And she shares what she discovers with the women in her orbit, so that they may expand as well. She’s a gentle soul who love, cares, and heals animals. A nature girl who loves to explore the great unknown. She’s amazing and our chat was amazing too!

In this episode we explore:

All the ways that we shut off and push pleasure away. 

Allowing yourself to be seen and fully expressed in an authentic way.  

Making, creating, and being energetically open to receiving money. 

Withholding, locking away and shutting down pleasure. 





 “… I am getting better at allowing myself to be seen.” – Mia Davis


About Mia Davis:

Mia Davis is a healing coach, intuitive, and artist committed to uplifting and supporting women in becoming the healthiest and happiest version of themselves. She is trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine, psychology, and the metaphysics–all tools she uses with her clients. 

Coming from a long line of highly tuned-in women, Mia infuses her work with intuitive guidance and shamanistic principles. Her art, focusing on women, animals, and nature, are a way for her to channel her creative femininity and deep passion for shedding light on the beauty she experiences in the world. 

Mia has a unique gift of tuning into your energy and delivering guidance and healing in a way that is simple, supportive, and powerful. She resides in Georgia.

You can connect with Mia on Facebook

The following is mentioned in this episode:

The Little Paris Bookshop – Nina George 

You are a Badass at Making Money – Jen Sincero (insert link) 

Pussy – Regena Thomashauer (a.k.a. Mama Gena) 

– Infinite Receiving w/Maru Iabachela 

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