Well-traveled lovers, storytelling, power & submission w/Isabelle Rizo

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                   Photo: Isabelle Rizo | Instagram

The Universe is not big on straight lines… neither are humans. We are made of complex darkness and stunning light. Our capacity for love is expansive, yet we resist. We are capable of creating amazing things, but we are equally capable of committing heinous acts. The human body is by far one of nature’s most brilliant creations, animated by the soul of the cosmos. Yin AND Yang. Light AND Dark. This AND That. 

Isabelle Rizo is my guest this week and we had an expansive conversation about the complex nature of human beings. This episode contains plenty of laughter and a whole lotta truth!

In this episode we explore:

Polyamory vs. Polysexual

Connecting in the darkness.

Clarity, vision, and making art. 

Using social media to tell a story.




Isabelle Rizo“You hold onto the vision and then you let it go… even money it comes and it goes.”  – Isabelle Rizo                          

About Isabelle Rizo:

Isabelle Rizo curates women leaders’ internal, external, and digital presence through her signature singularity storytelling process developed from being in the digital marketing industry for 10 years. From content marketing, art direction, and blogging to PR, business development, and sponsorship Isabelle has supported creative individual companies and brands in refining their vision. 

Founder of The Singularity Circle Creative Community and The Crevice Art Studio – Isabelle is an internationally exhibited artist, speaker, teacher, and entrepreneur that uses social media to empower companies in creating conscious culture, socially aware ventures, and radically shifting advertising in the personal development, luxury, and art space.

Visit Isabelle’s website, follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

The following is mentioned in this episode:

Singularity Circle hosted by Isabelle Rizo 

Polyamory vs. Polysexual 

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