Being black outside of America, feeling good enough, & moving your body w/Fatou Sy

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being black

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Can you imagine what it would be like to live in your body, as you are now… but somewhere else? Living your current experience in familiar land offers but a singular perspective. But being you, in an entirely different environment would change everything. 

This week’s guest, Fatou Sy talks about what it’s like to grow up in a place where the people don’t look like you. And how being different shaped how she perceived and experienced herself. What it’s like to be a woman varies, depending on where you are on the planet… go figure. 

In this episode we explore:

What it’s like to live in a black female body on three different continents.

Moving forward by moving your body. 

How someone’s story can help you shift. 

Learning to love the skin you’re in. 

*this episode is sponsored by Long Story Short – an advice column for real women.


Fatou Sy” I just have to keep moving, always. Keep thinking. Keep writing. Keep speaking. Just keep everything in motion.” – Fatou Sy


About Fatou Sy:

Melanated athletic multicultural strong woman who enjoys good conversations and laughter, food, nature, soccer and much more. 

You can connect with Fatou on Instagram, where she shares amazing pics and videos of bodies in motion… and other stuff too!

The following is mentioned in this episode:

– Vipassana Silent Retreat

Mona Lisa Smile starring Julia Roberts (trailer)

The Other Side: Where all the lessons from our past are put to use for a brighter, happier future – J.V. Manning

Super Soul Sunday

Hourglass – Dani Shapiro

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