Taking instruction, giving head, and getting choked out w/Jay Dean

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 Photo: Couple Goals | Tumblr

              Photo: Couple Goals | Tumblr

Partnered sex can be a very expansive. Giving, receiving, and allowing pleasure ranks in the top 10 of human experiences. But it takes time, patience, and willingness to make sex good. Of course, good sex is subjective, as is bad sex. In any event, we can all agree that sex is better with a generous and considerate partner. It’s better when wants/needs/desires have been clearly communicated. And most importantly, sex is better when you “stay in the room.”

During this chat, Jay Dean and I get down and dirty on the topic of sex. I’m talking raunchy ya’ll! We touch on the serious side of sex, the funny side of sex, the emotional side of sex, and plenty of sex do’s and DON’T’s. So, so good!

In this episode we explore:

Negotiating oral sex with someone who says, “I don’t eat pussy.”

Putting the ego aside in order to get to know someone else’s body. 

The safer sex conversation and different levels of consent.

The importance of sisterhood and building relationships with women. 



“There is nothing like having a women in your life that can hold space for you”  – Jay Dean


About Jay Dean:

A serial entrepreneur with sass and edge, Jay Dean is a dynamic woman with an impressive range of experience.  She’s known as the “Jane of all trades”, a community leader, mentor and business developer. Jay is known for her passion for building creative ideas from the ground up up and having bold, authentic conversations that empower women and men to rise.

Many love Jay for her enthusiasm, optimism, and willingness to go above and beyond to manifest what she desires to experience in the world while being committed to helping people face fears, overcome the adversities of life and kick  down barriers preventing them from reaching their full potential. 

Jay has facilitated conferences, workshops, and seminars on Sexual Violence and Prevention, HIV/AIDS prevention and has mentored young girls through programs within the Chicago Public School system. She has a relentless passion for helping women heal and believes that authentic sisterhood can transform the lives of women in powerful ways.

You can connect with Jay on Twitter, Facebook, and IG. Visit Jay’s website and learn more about the Speak Out Summit

The following is mentioned in this episode:

PornHubfree porn videos. Link not included, you can google it yourself! 😉

Reid Mihalko – The original Sex Geek

Yes/No/Maybe checklist – print this free PDF, which will take the consent conversation to the next level. 

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