Pussy pH, funky spunk, & defining “woke” w/Winter White

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Relationships… it all comes back to that, right? How we relate to everything and everyone in our environment informs the quality of our lives. Yet, we spend so little time investing, really investing, in the relationships that mean the most to us.

Life is bigger than romance, happiness isn’t effortless, and all relationships are optional. Where we focus our attention determines the perception of the experience. But knowing better is not the same as doing better. 

In this episode, I’m chatting with Winter White. We went deep and still laughed… a lot! Winter has a HUGE heart and she walks her talk. Her transparency is the very definition of keeping it real… what if we all lived that way? I think we’d know what it really means to be free. Yeah, that…  

In this episode we explore:

⇒ The weight of expectation in friendship. 

⇒ pH balance and the delicate vagina flora. 

⇒ Funky spunk, pussy scent, and body odor O-My!

⇒ Self-abandonment and defining woke.




If I don’t know everything than I gotta know that my partner doesn’t know everything, and I’ve gotta be open to that.  ”  – Winter White         


About Winter White:

“Blogger, life coach and podcast co-host, I am someone who is always looking for opportunities of self-expression. I officially began my creative journey 4 years ago but have always been interested in the ways I can connect with and inspire people.  I like to say that my superpower is that of transparency. I’m not afraid to be myself and I wear my heart on my sleeve.” 

Visit Winter’s site, and be sure to follow her on IG, FB, and Twitter

The following is mentioned in this episode:

A Different World – TV Series (this article speaks to the “woke-ness” of this show)

Up in the Air – Movie 

Textbook by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

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