Depression, threesomes, & shakin’ that ass w/Nikki Pebbles

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Nikki Pebbles

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Depression wears many faces, it is completely indiscriminate. It does not care how much money you have or how fly you look in a catsuit. Depression is not concerned about your friends’ list or about your viral videos. It is unimpressed by your leadership skills or your 12 best-selling books. Depression crosses class and color lines. It takes root in suburbia and the ghetto. Depression is all-inclusive.  

My guest this week is Nikki Pebbles and while she is familiar with the wrath of depression, she is even more intimate with resilience. And there ain’t no shame in her game about speaking the real of her experience… because that’s how she do!

In this episode we explore:

Relationships, fidelity, and threesomes

Being fit & fabulous at any size

Bootyliciousness and shakin‘ that ass

Communication and keeping it real on social



“You have to take responsibility for your bullshit…”  Nikki Pebbles                      

About Nikki Pebbles:

Nikki Pebbles, is the founder and CEO of PebbleREBEL INC,, PebbleREBEL Media, and PebbleREBEL Fit.  She is an experienced branding strategist, fitness pro, social media ninja warrior with true enthusiasm and passion for helping others.

Nikki has made it her mission to teach women the power of being themselves in their body, brand, and business. 

After seven years of working in the fitness industry and building the nationwide dance fitness brand, Kerboomka, Pebbles created PebbleREBEL Media. She is now a sought-after marketing, branding, and social media specialist with expertise in brand building, public speaking, Facebook Live, Instagram, and content strategy. 

She hosts everything from social media chats and in-person events, to master classes and intensives, all to better your brand and, more importantly, yourself.

Check out Nikki’s website and for regular inspiration follow her on FB and IG.

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 Nikki Pebbles videos – YouTube

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