Wage slavery, delivering whoop-ass, & ticking the monogamy box w/Melissa Danielle (pt 2)

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Life always serves opportunities for expansion. Whether it be in love or business, at work or at home, the peeling back layers of yourself never ceases. But when you open yourself to the possibilities evolution is inevitable. And truth be told, you will evolve whether you choose to open yourself or not. But making the choice is a lot less painful…  

This episode is part 2 of my conversation with Melissa Danielle… and it’s just as juicy as last week! Melissa navigates every relationship in her life intentionally while making sure that she takes good care of herself in the process. Can you say relationship goals?? Yeah, that. 

In this episode we explore:

Asking consent in friendship

Class privilege and creating a different money reality

Making requests and attracting wholeness

Relationship exit strategies




“… the doing better is not being a wage slave”  Melissa Danielle          Melissa Danielle             

About Melissa Danielle:

As a multi-passionate, disruptive, and creative badass, Melissa shows ambitious women how to ditch unattainable weight loss goals, recover from Someday, and take their pleasure seriously so they can become the wildest and juiciest versions of themselves. 

Check out Melissa’s Truth and Desire Lab, follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

The following is mentioned in this episode:

Watch Me Disappear – Janelle Brown

Tazima Davis – Infinite Relating 

Dirty Minds (board game)

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