Naked yoga, herpes, and authentic yoni love w/Giavanni Scott

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The womb is a gateway, a portal from which souls reincarnate into flesh once more. A sacred passageway to and from the ether. The womb is a reflection of the Universe. A physical manifestation of the creative thread that unites every thing. 

My guest this week is Giavanni Scott who is the embodiment of WOMBman. Through her yoni-centered work, she is shifting the energy of the cosmos, literally. While this was our first time talking (ever) I feel as if I have known Gia for a very long time. My body remembered her!!! Sister-friendship is like that. Our conversation was educational and HIGHlarious! 

In this episode we explore:

Herpes and safe sex. 

Fibroids and wound inheritance. 

Peeing, pooping, and singing in the shower. 

Receiving love and penetration.




“When was the last time you had a good scream?”  – Givanni Scott                        

About Giavanni “Gia” Scott:

Gia is the founder and CEO of Authentic Yoni Love ,Inc. formerly Total Serenity Day Spa. She has been in business for over 25 years, and lived in Anguilla (Caribbean Islands) on and off for the past 7 years. She’s  traveled the world for the majority of her adult life. Her amazing journey has led her to her present and unwavering passion which is Womb wellness.

Gia’s motto…” All things Yoni” allows her to introduce any and everything concerning The Womb and Pussy Empowerment. She does Yoni/ Vaginal Steaming, Yoga and Breath work, sells Yoni eggs and waist beads, as well as a feminine wash ” Yoni Fresh” that balances the natural ph in the vagina. She recently spent 5 weeks in Dominica and St.Lucia to purge and elevate to a higher vibrational level (mentally, spiritually, and physically). She has sent an intention to purchase land in Dominica and build a wellness retreat center.

Visit Gia’s website. You can also follow her on Facebook and Instagram

The following is mentioned in this episode:

Facts about genital herpes

The Brilliant Idiots podcast

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