You know the importance of self-care

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Self-care is importantYou are currently an entrepreneur (or aspiring entrepreneur) who owns a heart/soul-centered business.  You are a creator/artist at your core. Healing and teaching the world through your work is your mission. And you are not afraid of a little woo-woo. 

You are either in a relationship or open to having one. You know the importance of self-care, but sometimes you have trouble implementing it into your own life.

You enjoy sex, but you have not made it a priority in quite awhile. Your business and other responsibilities have eclipsed this part of your life. But you love your family, you love your friends, and you love the work that you do.

And spirituality is very important to you, but lately you have been feeling disconnected from yourself and from your body. You love deeply and you intend to change the world.

You crave sisterhood and you are seeking to build your tribe. You want to be surrounded by likeminded souls united for one mission. You spend your time making connections, you listen to your heart and you trust your intuition.

You take personal growth and expansion very seriously. And you are willing to make an investment in your own evolution, mind, body, and spirit.

You are currently experiencing some stuckness and your creativity is waning. But you are willing to brave the darkness because you know it leads to light.



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