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I know how hard it is to feel beautiful when you cannot see beauty in the mirror. Being ashamed of your own reflection will make you feel small and it will empty your pocketbook… because let’s face it not accepting yourself is expensive $$$

It costs time + money.

You pay with your emotions + relationships. 

It drains your energy + steals your attention. 

When you are uncomfortable in your skin you cannot experience pleasure. 

Or have fun.

Or allow intimacy.

When you dislike your body you cannot feel confident in your work or business. You shy away from the spotlight and hide from opportunity. 


Shame is all about rejection… Alex Jamieson


Shame keeps you in judgement, of yourself and others. 

But if you can make peace with your body, you can have and do ANYTHING that you want. 

Your relationship with your body is the gateway to the life you desire. 


Business + Relationships + Money + Body 

It’s all connected.


Every Goddess deserves a throne. Once you begin to accept and love your body, you will step onto the throne of your life. 

Loving your body will give you the permission and the freedom to experience pleasure…. in life, in love, and in business.

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