Six Myths about 40 – Debunked


Life begins at forty - w.b. pitkin

I have been forty for 4 months, 23 days, 3 hours, and 51 minutes. Although I am only a recent inductee into Club Forty/Forty, there are a few things about being 40-something that I want to clear up.

Six Myths about 40 -debunked:

6. You’re old

According to the CDC the average life expectancy is now 78.7 years old, but the people I know are living much longer than that. There are tons of people in the centennial society these days. That means you haven’t even hit the half way mark yet. So shut the old folk talk down, today.

5. You’re not as attractive as you used to be

This one is true, you’re not as attractive as you used to be, because your hot factor has more than doubled in the last 20 years. There is nothing sexier than somebody that knows something. Not just heard it through the grapevine stuff, but been-there-done-that kinda stuff. Knowledge is power and experience is the best teacher. You’ve been through some things and that is sexy as hell!

4. Your sex life is over

Sex after 40 is fantastic! You know what you want, what you like, and what doesn’t feel good. You know how to ask for what you want (and you’re not shy about it). And most of all… orgasms are always on the menu.

3. You should act your age

How exactly should a 40-year-old act? Your feelings are the only barometer that matters. If you made it to 40, you’ve earned the right to act however you want to act… and please make sure your wardrobe reflects how YOU feel – don’t let the opinion of others dictate your wardrobe.

2. This is all there is

There is no such thing. Everything is constantly changing. So don’t worry yourself thinking that you’ll be stuck in a 40-style groundhog day. Life is going to change with or without your permission. You can change things on your own terms or take whatever comes your way, your choice. Either way, this is not all there is.

1. You’re supposed to have your sh*t together

There is no age when you have all your shit together. As long as you are breathing and taking up space on this glorious planet you will learn, evolve, and fuck up. Mistakes will be made. You will discover something new about yourself, every day. You will grow weary of the things you used to love. You will want to destroy everything. You will reinvent, reincarnate, and be reborn – over and over again.


What myths have you heard about being 40?

Share the  in the comments.


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  • YAY! – Congratulations on being 40, what a Fab age to be! – I love this post what an awesome reminder of how great growing with life can be .. When I hit 21 I thought my life was over .. I felt old. Now I feel younger than ever, age is just a number, it’s how you live your life that matters ..Fabulous reminder Stacy x

  • Love this post, Stacey! Well played!

    I’ve been in my 40’s for 6 years now, and you’re so right about these myths. Although I use the old comment once in awhile because it’s like a free pass. My body simply can not do the things it once could, so I can claim old, wink and get out of waking up at the crack of dark to go to the gym with the youngsters. This is the first time in my life I’ve felt like I can just do what feels best for me, have my own opinions, and not really care what anyone else thinks. Yay for 40’s!

    • The freedom of the 40’s is fantastic, isn’t it Teresa? Giving yourself permission to live your life, your way… is the greatest liberation there is. I’m so glad to be in this space with you ♥

  • I’m almost 44 but still feel like I’m in my mid 30s! Age is just a number it has whatever value you give it 🙂
    I am rocking being in my 40’s! 😉

  • I was forty a long time ago. I’m so much younger now.

  • I love this, Stacey!

    I’ll be 46 this year, but most days I still wake up feeling 23, and to me, that means all is well. These myths have allowed way too many people to limit themselves for way too long! We all have the capacity to define our own lives as we see fit, and that includes whether we believe that age defines us in some way. Number 1 is a perfect description of my life 🙂 Release, reinvent … repeat.

    Thanks so much for this post!
    Big Love to you!

    • You are absolutely right Jenny! Being defined by age is just another limiting belief. It’s a beautiful thing to live your life by your own design, isn’t it fun to dance to the beat of your own drum? 🙂

  • WOO HOO I am 3.5 years into 40 and it is really about discovering an even deeper understanding of who I am.

    • Absolutely Tricia. I feel like I understand a little bit more about myself everyday, so much I didn’t know before. Discovery is the best part!

  • Woohoo! I am some way off 40 but you, as Caroline says, are rocking it lovely lady 🙂

    • Thank you Llinos! I’m really loving this space. Enjoy the space you’re in right now… every age, every stage, they’re all fabulous!

  • I love your candidness, and the way you truly speak from the heart!!!!! I want to sign up for your blog….how do I do this on here????????????

  • Welcome to the Club Miss.. As almost 4 years in.. . it really is about coming into your own! Its the age of true liberation, from all the BS once believed and all the pressure once enforced. Enjoy each step of fabulous forty.. you’re rocking it xo

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