Sensual Gifts for you

25 Sensual Gifts for You

The items on this list are things that I keep in my personal sensual toolbox. These sensual finds were curated with the most important person in your life in mind… Y-O-U.

Sensuality is about gifting your soul with a physical experience. It’s about exploring what feels good and rooting into the present moment.

Here’s to enjoying, exploring, and experiencing your sensual self!



The following items are not listed in any particular order. Some items contain affiliate links. See affiliate policy here.

1) Green Teapot

Tea time should be an experience. A peaceful, fragrant, calming, beautiful experience. If you are a tea drinker, you should have a tea pot that invites you into the sensual space of the experience. My tea pot is green because I brew tea with an extra heaping of love, and green stimulates the heart chakra.

2) Au Lait Body Milk

This is hands down one of my favorite scents. It’s soft and feminine. When I wear it I am immediately transported to a space of luxurious comfort. I love to wear Au Lait Body Milk to bed, because the scent is so beautiful. Not at all overwhelming, it’s the kind of softness that someone has to get up close and personal to smell, if you know what I mean 😉 

3) Rumi Book of love 

Nothing says sensuality like a Rumi poem. Every woman should have a book of Rumi poems by her bedside table. Just in case you need to conjure a little love at a moments notice.

Love comes sailing through and I scream

Love sits beside me like a private supply of itself.

Love puts away the instruments

and takes off the silk robes. Our nakedness

together changes me completely.

– Rumi

Need I say more?

4) Tiny B Chocolate 

Chocolate is a sensual delight in and of itself. Smooth decadence. Deliciousness incarnate. I believe that chocolate is the embodiment of digestible sex. But not just any chocolate, it’s gotta be good! 

Tiny B Chocolate is owned and operated by a beautiful Brazilian Chocolatier. Every brigadeiro (Brazilian chocolate, something like a truffle) is handcrafted with love and gift wrapped with care. You should totally gift yourself with a box… and in doing so you’ll be supporting small businesses  Two birds, one delicious chocolate stone.

5) Woman by Natalie Angier 

This is by far one of the most comprehensive books about the female body I have ever read. It’s educational, but presented in a really digestible way. The female body is more than just tissue and systems, we are so much more than that. Woman explores the symbiotic nature of female engagement, our connection to our ancestral line, and the complex beauty of the female form.

6) Beeswax Co. Candle 

Beeswax candles are not only beautiful, but they’re good for you too! They have been said to reduce allergy symptoms (including asthma and hay fever). And they do not contain paraffin. They are a bit more expensive, but totally worth it.

7) Soul Candy 

I bought a batch of soul candy 3 years ago when I declared my first batch of CDF’s (core desired feelings). And they’ve adorned my alter every since! They’re a simple reminder of how I want to feel and how I want others to feel around me. They’re like cute little ceramic skittles, without the sugar! 

8) Bouq’s Flowers

I love flowers. And I gift flowers to myself, often. I try to keep fresh flowers in our bedrooms, because beautiful things are sensual. And because flowers are instant mood boosters!

Bouq’s are by far, the best flowers I have ever gifted myself. And by best I mean… beautiful and long lasting. They last for weeks, not days, but weeks. So often when you order flowers, the flowers have already been cut and waiting in a refrigerator before your purchase. But Bouq’s are not cut until you order them, which means that they are still super fresh by the time the arrive on your door step. 

Buy local flowers for your weekly (yes, you should be buying yourself flowers weekly) flower fix. But when you wanna splurge, buy Bouq’s.

9) Bubbles 

Yes, bubbles. Bubbles are not only sensual, but they can take you blah, blah, blah to effervescent joy instantly! They are also symbolic for letting go. The next time you feel like you’re holding onto a negative emotion, get your bubbles out. 

I keep a bottle of bubbles handy, just in case I need a lift!

10) Desire Map Journal 

The Desire Map Journal is one of my favorite things! The prompts inspire writing from the soul. Whenever I feel the need to explore, when I’m feeling stuck, or uneasy I write in my DM journal. When I’m feeling reflective, expansive, or when the yucks come to call, I write in my DM journal. 

I carry it around in my bag of books. And I only write in it with orange ink, because my DM journal feeds and balances my sacral chakra. Creative soulful expression, that’s where it’s at. And that’s not just sensual… it’s sexy!

11) Glass Dharma Glass Straws 

I am a supporter of green living. I do my best to love, honor, and respect the Great Mother. And glass straws is one of my small contributions to the cause. 

Glass Dharma straws are not just practical, they’re classy! Whenever I serve my girlie friends a beverage with a glass straw, they melt a little. Because glass is elegant and sexy. Even H2O looks hotter with a glass straw!

12) Personalized Thank You Cards 

Old school writing is an act of love. When you take the time to handwrite a note, send a card via snail mail, or express your gratitude through the pen… you are in essence stoking the fire of your own creativity and giving kind regard to the recipient.

Always keep a stack of notecards in a stash. Personalized cards are fantastic for an added touch of sexy proprietorship. 

13) Tokyo Milk Lip Balm 

Smooth hydrated lips are a sensual must!  Talking, kissing, eating, smiling… so many sensual experiences involve your lips. 

Tokyo Milk lip balm is a delicious way to keep your pucker lubed. With a variety of mouth watering flavors, your lips will be happy and your nose will be delighted too!

14) Trader Joe’s Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 

Coconut oil is a must have in your pantry, bathroom, and sensual toolbox. In addition to practical things like cooking, oil pulling, and moisturizing, coconut oil can also be used as a personal lubricant.  

I personally use Trader Joe’s coconut oil, but you can use just about any organic virgin coconut oil. Extra emphasis on organic, because your lady parts deserve the very best!

15) Rosewater  

Rosewater is great for hydrating the skin, especially during the heat of summer and the dryness of winter. It can also be used to set your makeup. But my favorite use of Rosewater is to freshen my linens! The beautifully soft scent of roses is always refreshing and delightful! 

16) Zhena’s Sleep Calm Me Tea 

Sleepy time tea is a part of my bedtime ritual. The warmth and aroma set the tone for rest and relaxation. And one of my favorite sleepy time teas is Zhena’s Sleep Calm Me. It’s fragrant and delicious. Perfect with cream and hint of sweetness. 

17) Patchouli Essential Oil  

Essential oils are essential! And patchouli can be added to your skin care regimen. It reduces the appearance of scars and promotes healing. It can also be used during meditation, to help you relax and ground. 

Patchouli is also great for sexual stimulation. This earthy scent has been known to increase sex drive and get you in the mood.

18) Yoni Egg 

Yoni eggs have been around for centuries. They help to strengthen and fortify vaginal muscles. And they are also erotic and a fantastic addition to your self-pleasure practice. 

While jade eggs are the heaviest and most popular, yoni eggs come in a variety of crystals and stones. Feel into where you are and choose your stone based on your own needs & desires.

While there are a lot of yoni eggs sellers and distributors out there, I highly recommend Desired Thingz because the owner, Namaste Moore, is such a woman of great spirit and high integrity. 

19) Liquid Pajamas 

Sleep is one of my absolute favorite things to do, because I love feeling rested, replenished and rejuvenated. And Liquid Pajamas has become an essential part of my bedtime ritual. 

Infused with valerian root, lavender, and other soothing scents, Liquid Pajamas is a great hand and/or all-over body moisturizer. 

20) Scalp Massager 

Tension loves to hangout in the head. That’s why every woman should have a scalp massager! In an ideal world, we would always have someone available to massage our scalps for us, but sometimes you gotta fly solo. A personal scalp massager is perfect for solo flights! And as an added bonus, massaging your scalp regularly also stimulates hair growth. 

21) Sacred Skaia Sensual Goddess Mala 

Mala’s are a string of prayer beads. Even more than that they’re a beautiful addition to any meditation or manifestation practice. 

This particular mala was made with love by a sweetheart of a woman named Andrea. Andrea’s company, Sacred Skaia, is all about spirit and connection. Each mala is handmade to order, infused with love + light, and beautifully packaged with care. Because spirituality is sacred and personal, Sacred Skaia mala’s are the only ones that I personally endorse.  

22) Dream Essential’s Sleep Mask 

If you need stark darkness in order to rest well, a sleep mask is an absolute must. Contoured and sculpted to fit snuggly around the eye, this sleep mask will keep even the thinnest shard of light from peeking through. Perfect for a restful and dream filled night or day, and excellent for plane rides too!

23) Sinful Colors, Casablanca 

I’m a silver girl. I love silver jewelry, silver shoes, and silver nail polish! Sinful colors is my absolute favorite nail color because it covers completely in one coat and it’s glitter free. It pretty much matches every outfit and it can weather my daily dishwashing routine… a tall feat for natural nails.

*Apply a great top coat, for longer wear

24) Ello Glass Water Bottle 

Hydration is a crucial part of self-care. That means you should carry your own personal beverage everywhere you go. 

This Ello glass water bottle is leakproof, which means I can carry it in my purse without spillage. And because glass does not hold odor, the taste is always fresh and clean. Of course reusable glass bottles are also a great way to support green living, because glass is 100% recyclable and they’re also toxin free.

25) Sex for One 

Self pleasure is not optional, it’s absolutely necessary. It is all about getting to know your own body, and exploring what feels good. Self-love is a sensual, emotional, and spiritual experience. 

Sex for One offers an informative perspective that takes the shame out of masturbation. Betty Dodson’s warm and witty approach to writing, makes the contents easy to digest and implement. It also contains illustrations, so that you explore new techniques and positions. It’s a book about pleasure, health, and self-acceptance.