Cliff Notes: Chakras are the key to your pleasure

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Photo by Akhil Chandran on Unsplash

Pleasure is the feeling of enjoyment and satisfaction.  

Pleasure is the most sought after feeling on the planet. Every species of animal wants to experience it. It is completely subjective, no two people experience it the same way. And every experience is 100% unique. Pleasure simply cannot be duplicated. Yet it can be experienced, in some form, over and over again.  

The human body was designed to feel. Bundles of nerves and miles of synapses make it possible to experience unimaginable sensation. Pleasure and pain, hot and cold, comfort and dis-ease, can all be felt and perceived, sometimes simultaneously. 

But pleasure is not just about physical sensation. There is a mental element and an emotional component. It is both carnal and spiritual, tangible and abstract.  

How can one feel beyond the physicality of the human body? 


There are seven major chakras that span the length of the human spine and radiate out into the perimeter of personal space. These energy centers are where the body and consciousness meet. 

While the body makes it possible for pleasure to be physically felt, the chakras make it possible for pleasure to transcend the limits of time and space.  And the more in tune you are with your body, the more ethereal the experience of pleasure becomes.  

It is said that carnal pleasure originates from the sacral chakra, which can be found just beneath the navel, but I disagree. I believe that carnal pleasure flows throughout each of the seven chakras. Just as each chakra has a corresponding element, they are also tied to physical sense. And while the senses make it possible to navigate the terrain of the planet, they also manufacture pleasure in 4D.  

So for your reading pleasure I have compiled the cliff note version of pleasure + chakras: 

  1. The root 🌳chakra provides grounding energy that connects us to the great mother, but it also associated with smell👃🏾. And smell is the strongest sense linked to memory and emotion. That makes the root chakra intrinsically responsible for the mental experience of feeling pleasure.
  2. The sacral chakra is where creativity is born. It is the space where sexual and sensual energy originates. This chakra is also connected to taste👅. And taste makes the experience of eating greater than survival, it makes it delicious. And the essence of delicious is pleasure.
  3. The solar plexus is home to personal power. Ambition and intelligence are developed in this space. And it is also connected to sight 👀. The ability to identify, perceive, and relate to beauty of pleasure happens here.
  4. The heart ❤️chakra is the center of love, so it makes perfect sense that it is also associated with touch 🖐🏾. While it is absolutely possible to experience love and connection without touch, touch makes it possible to love and connect on a deeper level. And love is not just the most desired human experience, it is also the most profoundly pleasurable.
  5. The throat chakra is all about communication and expression. This chakra makes it possible to speak and convey truth through words. And it correlates to hearing👂🏾. The ocean, music, and laughter are just a few of the delightful sounds that invite transformative pleasure into our lives.
  6. The third eye 👁 chakra is where imagination and wisdom is born, and it is also the origin of intuition. And while intuition cannot be classified as a physical sense, it is a collection of all the physical senses. Intuition 🔮is not a feeling, it’s a knowing. And knowing is about satisfaction and fulfillment, which are the core tenants of pleasure. 
  7. The crown 👑 chakra is not of this world, it transcends the laws of this planet. This chakra is where enlightenment is experienced. Spiritual evolution, clarity, and purpose are aspired to by most, and attained by few. And while there is no physical sense associated with the crown chakra, I believe it is the pinnacle of pleasure. To ascend beyond the physical and commune in spiritual realms is transcendent.  

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