This is for the woman who is on the fence about walking away

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are you happy?

This is for the woman who is on the fence about walking away. Whether you are contemplating leaving your partner, your job, or getting rid of that dress you used to love… it’s all the same. 

I know you have been weighing the pros and cons of letting go. Trying to convince yourself to stay. Making yourself wrong for wanting something else. Assassinating your own character for feeling done. You feel selfish for entertaining the urge to free yourself and move on.  It’s cool, that’s normal. 
I know you are still in it because you cannot seem to find a compelling reason to go. The things that are bothering you just do not seem big enough. And there are so many things that are still good about it. In fact, the good seems to outweigh the bad on so many levels. And it would be crazy to let something go when you are not completely miserable, right? WRONG.
You do not need a grandiose or heinous reason to go. It can boil down to one simple question… are ya happy?
If the answer is no, that’s all the reason you need.
Your happiness is paramount. Your happiness is grounds for separation. Your happiness is motivation to seek something other. Your happiness is not a motive for leaving, it is THE motive. 
You are responsible for your own happiness. Your happiness is your pleasure. Your happiness is the way to best practice self-love. And a partner, job, or a dress cannot give it to you. Everything that is in your life has been curated by you. You are the one that says yay or nay to everything that enters, stays, or goes. 
It really is that simple. 

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