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Browse my store for suggested titles in the ares of: Sensual + Feminine, Soul Food, and Fiction Faves. New titles are added all the time because I am a bit of a “book worm,” but isn’t everyone? You might find a few of my best-loved products here as well.

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Intro to Sensuality: a sensual path to a NEW YOU.

How to Love Me Handbook - cover imageThis six part e-course is designed to deepen the connection between you and your body

Intro to Sensuality explores the 6 senses and their corresponding chakra. Packed full of interesting + insightful information, funny anecdotes, and need-to-know body intel. This course is for the woman who is ready to increase her confidence and turn up her sexy.

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The How to Love Me Handbook

How to Love Me Handbook - cover imageWooWoo + Practical = 100% Awesome

This guide is not going to make a specific person love you. What it will do is create a vibrational frequency to attract a person that can provide the type of love you desire. It will help you get clear about “who” you want to be with and “what” you want that experience to feel like.

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How to love your business

How to Love Me Handbook - cover imageYour business is missing a key ingredient…

In this free audio + worksheet you will get up close + personal with your biz, get clear on your values, and possibly fall in love!

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