Motivation: Be Charitable

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Be charitable

Only hurt people hurt people. People who carry around their own brand of pain distribute hurt and discomfort to others as though it’s a gift. They spew harsh criticism, gossip incessantly, and plot revenge. But they also bleed red, cry when they’re alone, and wish that things were different. Hurt people are still people.

You may not know the story behind their ugly guise, but there is one. You may never come to know the longing that causes such ill behavior, but there is longing indeed.

Even people who act up deserve compassion. People who are hard to love are always the ones who need the most.

When you experience unpleasantness from another, be reminded that he/she is simply a wounded person trying to find their way. Be charitable with your kindness and generous with your love. Treat them like you want to be treated… even if they cannot return in kind.

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