Masturbation, the Power of Intuition, & Kissing Fools

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I am already enjoying curating this weekly list! Knowing that I am going to write this post helps me to pay more attention to the things that I enjoy and the things that are meh. Awareness abounds! 

So here’s what I’ve got for you in this week’s Directory of Deliciousness:

  1. Happy Masturbation Month! That’s right May is all bout self pleasure. And if you are like me and you love to indulge you will be happy to know that you can do it for yourself AND you can do it for charity! #DoItInMay is a campaign that aims to shine a light on the benefits of pleasuring the most important person in your life – YOU. Tenga (a sex toy company) will donate $1 every time someone uses the #DoItInMay hashtag. Proceeds will go to SIECUS (the Sexual Information and Education Council of the United States). I believe they are going to cap out the donations at $10k, which isn’t a ton of moola, but it’s more than anyone has been donating for masturbation, right? If you already indulge regularly, amen and hallelujah to you, and if you don’t I encourage you to go diddle yourself a little or a lot!
  2. Innsaei: The Power of Intuition (2016) Documentary – The 6th sense is the most curious sense because there is no tangible basis. The unexplainable knowing is a shared, but unconfirmed, truth. Innsaei is a documentary about just that, from the perspective of science, nature, and creativity. Definitely a must watch for anyone who is in search of ____. Available to stream on Netflix                                                
  3. Blind Date  (2015) French Romantic Comedy – This movie totally tickled my funny bone and tugged on my heart strings. It’s an unconventional romantic comedy. The fact that it’s french just adds to the romance… and there’s food, of course! If you are looking for a refreshing melt-your-heart love story add this to your cue. Available to stream on Netflix
  4. The All Souls Trilogy (The Discovery of Witches) is a page turner. If you enjoy books that are the perfect mix of history and fiction, this is a must read. Time travel, incantations, and soul mates. Beautiful creatures, impossible love, and just enough danger to keep you turning the page. I loved everything about this series! The books are pretty thick, but the imagery is worth every word. I cannot say enough about this series! And yes, there are witches, vampires, and daemons too! All your favorite mythical characters in one place… but there are no werwolves I’m afraid. Sorry 😔
  5. Cardamom tea – cream + sugar +vanilla = delicious… enough said.
  6. I set the intention to keep my heart open, daily. Some days I am wildly successful and other times I fall very short. The Kind World Podcast is one of my go-to heart openers. Regular people sharing extraordinary stories of kindness. Each episode is less than 10-minutes, which is just long enough to crack your heart wide open. ***VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED*** DO NOT LISTEN UNLESS YOU ARE PREPARED TO FEEL DEEPLY. **KLEENEX HIGHLY RECOMMENDED**
  7. I have been listening to George Michael’s Kissing a Fool on repeat, just as I did back in 1988. My middle school crush, Gilbert Delgado, had graduated and I was mourning his absence. I wonder whatever happened to Gilbert? If you talk to him tell him I said hello and that I still think of him whenever I hear this song.

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