Mad Love ♥

"She will help you awaken, nurture and unleash your FULL Goddess self."

Initially, I had fears and hesitations about working with Stacey. Not because of her personally: I had SEVERAL friends rave about her. The concern was: #1- I had recently ended a 12 year relationship with my then wife, (married 2 1/2 of those 12 years). Being single for the first time in my adult life, and not having any immediate interest in a romantic partner, I felt like I was being overly ambitious wanting to work with Stacey. #2- I’m a lesbian, and in the past, I’ve encountered sensual/sexuality/pleasure advice that totally did not apply to me, which resulted in wasted money. #3- I was still recovering from SEVERE body shame for many reasons, but namely because I have ALWAYS struggled with my weight. #4- Although I consider myself a wild soul, discussing such intimate. personal desires with someone I didn’t know well felt incredible scary!

Then my work began with Stacey. I felt fully heard, completely seen, compassionately held, lovingly understood, and supported on every level. She patiently listened to my story and I rehashed condensed versions of 12 years worth of: pain, confusion, stuckness, anger, lack of pleasure, and absence of romance/intimacy/passion. She helped me release the sadness/anger/regret not only with her tenderness, nurturing and professionalism, but she gave me tons of rituals and actionable steps to help me integrate and implement. Hell…..after the VERY first session with Stacey, she empowered me to do something MAJOR I had NEVER done before. I won’t bore you with the details, but it was something simple for others, but something that had been tormenting me for years. This one act and shift in mindset gave me FULL permission to drop other people’s projections, gave me freedom to stop restricting my body, removed a major insecurity and ignited me to actually be kind, loving and gently with my body.

As someone who literally could NOT look at their body in a full length mirror naked…EVER…I have now become quite comfortable looking at my body. In fact, these days, nothing gives me more pleasure than buying sexy new panties, and admiring how good my ass looks in them. (And my ass was previously one of my most hated body parts). Stacey’s work transcends typical sexuality counseling, sensuality coaching or pleasure diving. It helps WOMEN become whole. Lit up. Femininely powerful. Magnetic.

My work with Stacey was so transformative, healing, and eye-opening: I deemed her work necessary for ALL women who are committed to: living and following their bliss, experience a true spiritual awakening and want to truly experience sustainable and authentic happiness, freedom and success. In fact, I recently partnered with Stacey to bring her work to ALL of my beloved clients, and they absolutely adore her.

A session with Stacey is sexy yet tasteful, informative yet fun and professional yet filled with authentic heart-to-heart connection. She will make you surrender, then give you the tools and game plan to liberate yourself. She will help you awaken, nurture and unleash your FULL Goddess self.

I would HIGHLY recommend Stacey’s work to any woman who is ready to become the sexiest, best, most fulfilled, most turned on, most empowered version of themselves.

"I feel like a completely sensual Goddess."

Before working with Stacey, I did not think sensuality was an important part of life. I was not happy with my body and was feeling stuck in life.

After working with Stacey, OMG! I feel like a completely sensual Goddess. What an amazing experience filled with fun and unique, sensual magic. I have a whole new attitude. She helped me to explore my feelings and courageously try new things. By opening up to my sensual side, I am more creative in life, my wardrobe got an upgrade (since I no longer want to hide my body), and my relationship with hubby got an extra steamy makeover. I feel so content, satisfied and alive. Best of all, I am finally happy in my body.

Stacey makes exploring sensuality fun, safe but adventurous. And she gives such fun homework. My experience working with Stacey has been such a fun adventure. I highly recommend Stacey to anyone looking to feel good about their body and add spice to life!

Bonnie Chase
"I feel like a completely sensual Goddess."

Sexuality and Sensuality are loaded topics for me. I spent my younger years having sex to feel good about myself. Now, as an adult, I have the residue from that, and sexuality/sensuality is a whole new world to step into as my Goddess self – it’s fun/terrifying. And sometimes I just don’t know what to ask. Stacey’s guidance and tips are always spot on.

The wild/sexy/raw way she goes about living and being in the world is infectious. I have caught the “desire” bug from her in a really good way. What I have enjoyed the most is having a soul sister who really gets how to support a fellow writer/creative/passionate soul.

I feel like she cares and shows it. She has made me feel brave with my sexual/sensual feelings.

"She was born to do this work and she is amazing!"

Since talking with Stacey, I have released some self-limiting beliefs I carried around in my head, and this has enabled me to move forward fiercely and audaciously!

Stacey has a wonderful way of seeing that which we struggle to see in ourselves and hold the mirror up so we can experience it as well. She’s insightful and brilliant, and funny and passionate about helping you be the best possible version of yourself. She was born to do this work and she is amazing!

"... awoke the goddess within me, it was so powerful"

I felt very called to talk to Stacey, not for any particular reason, I’m a fairly shy person, and I don’t love to talk about my sex life, but what she uncovered was amazing. I’ve been feeling very lost creatively, and as someone who makes a living through their art, it has been frustrating. Stacey, helped me discover that I stopped approaching my job with a child like innocence and started treating it as a way to pay the bills, and she helped me shift the energy. She also gave me a powerful womb meditation, which awoke the goddess within me, it was so powerful. Thank you Stacey.