Long Story Short Advice Column

Long Story Short is an advice column for achy-breaky hearts, curious libidos, and desperately seeking humans of the female persuasion. If you are looking for straight-from-the-hip advice (because emotions settle in the hips) you’re in the right place!  

Long Story Short provides real world advice for women like you. Why? Because sometimes you need a little perspective about the -ish that’s going on in your life. 

I started this column because I am constantly getting emails, texts, and comments from women who just want a little perspective about their particular situation. And while they often feel like they’re the only one going through it, their stories are hardly ever unique.

Long Story Short is about sharing stories and being seen + heard. It’s about sex, love, and relationships. It’s about real life.

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How do I share my story? 

Submit your story in letter form… Think Dear Abby, Dear Sugar, or Strawberry Letter

What kinds of questions should I ask??? 

Relationships woes. Body issues. Sexuality. Life in general. Anything you want!

Seriously… everything is fair game and there is no judgement here. Whatever is tugging at your mind, your heart, or your pussy (yep, you are welcome to go there, in fact I invite you to). Ask away. 

When and how will you respond? 

Once I receive your letter I will respond to you publicly on the blog. You will be notified (via email) when your letter/response goes live. Responses will be posted 2x’s per week, so the turnaround time will depend on the volume. *Response and posting turnaround is subject to change.

How many topics can I cover in my letter? 

One subject/topic per letter. I ask that you try to keep your story to 500 words or less.

Will I remain anonymous?

Your identity will not be revealed. Your question will be posted publicly, but you will remain anonymous. Pinky swear.

What if I don’t like what you have to say?

That’s a very real possibility. While my intention is to offer judgment-free, open-minded, well-rounded advice, it may not always be what you want to hear. My thoughts and ideas are through the lens of my own experience, which may not jive with what is currently true for you. So I will tell you what I tell my clients… “take only what feels resonant.” Apply the parts that feel like salve to your soul and leave the rest. Because the only person that will ever really know what’s best for you is you. Anything offered by me, or anyone else, serves only to spotlight what’s true for you. Period. 

Where can I submit my story? 

You will see the picture on the right in every post (it’s clickable) and there will also be a submission link at the close of every response. 

Where’s the fine print?

The Long Story Short terms statement can be found here.