Lesson #7: If you don’t do anything else… Make your bed!

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Lesson #7 - make your bed.pngMy mother is the queen of clean. In that way, I’m not my mother’s child. But one thing I do know is, a made bed changes the energy of the entire room.

As a child, we were required to make our beds every single day (even if we were running late). My mother ran our household like a fine oiled machine and we complied (as if we had a choice). Once I was on my own, I stopped making my bed for a long while. Then one day I started back. 

I didn’t have an epiphany or a my-mother-was-right moment, but I slowly recognized that I feel better when my bed is made. When I enter my bedroom and the bed is put together I feel lighter, my head feels clearer, and the room itself feels entirely different. 

I’m sure you’re aware that physical clutter junks up the space between your ears. And while I am not going to tell you to stop everything and clean your room (although that’s a grand idea), I do want to encourage you to build making-your-bed into your daily routine.

Even if your life is super busy, there is always time to properly make your bed. 

This one itty-bitty change could overhaul your life! (click to tweet)

Bed - before Bed 2 - after

Try it out for a week… and if you don’t feel a shift – stop.

 This post is part of the “This is 40blog series. Forty lessons. Forty weeks.

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