Why starting today is the best idea you’ll ever have… Period.


Here and nowI talk to a lot of people. I have never met a person that I didn’t want to ask a question. I ask about their lives…

Where are you from?

Where are your parents from?

What do you do for fun?

How do you make a living?

Do you love it?

That last question catches most people in a snag.

When I think about the amount of people who are spending their lives doing things they don’t enjoy, it makes my heart ache. If we’re destined to live out our lives doing things that don’t light us up, what’s the point?

Don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to love your work to love your life. It is entirely possible to get full outside of the work place, many people do. Perhaps you enjoy your job, the pay is good, and you can’t imagine giving it up. So during your off time you create little trinkets to gift to the people you love. Although you’re phenomenal at it, you dare not monetize it because you’re afraid you won’t like it anymore. <— If this sounds like you, keep doing what you’re doing.


If you’re doing work that makes your soul bleed, for a boss (or company) that makes your ass hurt, and all you dream about is throwing up your middle finger and getting the hell out of dodge. Something’s got to give, right NOW!

But you can’t change because…

You don’t have the money.

You don’t know how.

You need the steady pay check to stay afloat.

Or whatever other excuse you come up with.

Yes, these are excuses. See the truth is, you can make money doing something that you love. You can have that house, that car, that guy (or girl), you can have it ALL.

Of course you know all this already, but you can’t start right now because you’re not ready yet. You need to beef up your savings first. You need to map out the perfect plan of execution. Everything needs to be in order before you can get started, right? WRONG.

Here’s why starting today is the best idea you’ll ever have:

Perfection is a myth

The stars are not going to align for you and even if they did you probably wouldn’t recognize it. Life is not going to slow down and give you a chance to catch up. The bills are going to keep coming. Your to-do list is going to keep growing. The demands of daily life are never going to stop.

The circumstances do not have to be perfect in order for you to get started. You will create the perfect circumstance the moment you begin.

Size doesn’t matter

You don’t have to take giant leaps to make your dreams come true. Baby steps are perfectly okay. It is entirely possible to build your (fill in your dream here) in 15 minutes a day.

I know what you’re thinking, “Stacey, it’s going to take much longer than 15 minutes to do what I’m trying to do.” I agree, but 15 minutes is more than you spent building your (you know what) yesterday.

Dedicating 15 minutes (900 seconds) of your time working on the stuff that makes you saucy, every single day, is going to change-your-life! In fact it’s going to change the way you see yourself. All of a sudden you’re going to be the gal/guy that makes stuff happen.You are going to be one of those people, you know the ones who are happy to be alive because they are co-creating the life that they really want.

Tomorrow may never come

You feel good today. You’re moderately healthy. You could stand to lose a few pounds, but it’s not too serious. You plan to live for a very long time. Besides your best years are in front of you, so there is plenty of time to get started.

There are a lot of people who think just like you, some of those people will not wake up tomorrow.

It’s cliché, but I’ll say it anyway “tomorrow is not promised.”

If tomorrow never comes and today is your last day, do you really want to go out knowing that you never even tried? 

You’re dreams deserve to see the light of day. You are worthy of receiving everything that you want.

The only thing standing in between you and the life you desire – is you. tweet this

What are you going to start today?

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