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This is for the woman who is on the fence about walking away
are you happy?

This is for the woman who is on the fence about walking away. Whether you are contemplating leaving your partner, your job, or getting rid of that dress you used to love… it’s all the same. 
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Are you withholding sex from you?

was in a longterm relationship that had grown stale. It was not that we stopped loving one another, but we had lost our way. 
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Intimacy can be expressed and experienced in many ways

What is intimacy>?

What is intimacy?

By definition intimacy simply means to be close and/or familiar. But over time we have come to believe that intimacy only occurs in sexual relationships. And yes, that is one way, but not the only way.

Intimacy can be expressed and experienced in many ways.

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What are your basic security needs?

One of the most important ingredients for delicious sex is not what you think it is. 

It’s not about ambiance and lingerie. 

It is not penis size or vaginal tightness. 

It has nothing to do with whether it is sacred or not. 

One of the most important components for sex to be satisfying and fulfilling is safety. And I am not taking about prophylactics and birth control. 

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3 magic ingredients for Happily Ever After

In this video I share ✨magic ✨ ingredients that will help you create your Happily Ever After 💕


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Is it safe to be naked?

Naked Blog Series

Is it safe to be naked?

I was 16 years old the first time I had sex. I wasn’t in love, and I wasn’t pretending to be. I had decided the night before that I was ready. So I called a guy that was feeling me and told him that I was coming over the next day. And yes, I stated my intention clearly. He was more than happy to oblige.

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The root of the matter

They will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream. It does not fear when heat comes; its leaves are always green.” – Jeremiah 17:8

The first time I became consciously aware that my root was imbalanced, it showed up as high blood pressure. I was having crazy headaches, everyday. I was stressed at work, and if I’m honest, I was just sick and tired of being sick and tired. My doctor was quick to inform me that my blood pressure was elevated. And she offered an easy solution to the problem – medicine.

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Dear Used-to-be Lover


Dear Used-to-be Lover,

I can still feel your breath on my skin. But I am trying really hard to forget you. I remember the way you smiled the last time we kissed. The way you smoothed your hand around my waist, pulling me closer to you. 

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43 relationship factoids + suggestions


43 relationship factoids + suggestions (in no particular order):

  1. If you struggle to “get” a man/woman or “keep” a man/woman… your mindset needs an adjustment. 
  2. Never compare your last relationship to your current one.  
  3. If you believe that all men are dogs… you’ll likely date and/or marry a dog. 
  4. Without respect there is no love – period. 
  5. Women are wired for connection… so if you think you “don’t need a man/woman,” you’re right… but you want one. Admit it. 
  6. No matter why your last relationship ended, there is a piece that you must own. Accountability is everything. 
  7. It is not your partner’s job to manage your feelings. 
  8. You bring a lifetime of experience to every situation… and whatever is going on in the present is never about what’s happening right now. 
  9. Relationships require routine maintenance, just like your car. 
  10. You must have a life outside of your relationship. Nourish your friendships too. 
  11. Truth is widely subjective.  
  12. Disagreements are healthy.  
  13. Words hurt. 
  14. Peace is possible. 
  15. Communication is necessary. 
  16. Laughter is essential. 
  17. It’s only as serious as you make it. 
  18. There is no black or white, only shades of grey.  
  19. People only change when THEY are ready, not when YOU are ready.
  20. There is no single definition for infidelity. Come to a mutual agreement – early.  
  21. Sex matters.  
  22. Social media can ruin your relationship – fast.  
  23. Drama is optional. 
  24. Regular cuddles will strengthen your bond… and decrease pain frequency too. 
  25. Opposites really do attract. You really don’t want to be with someone just like you – trust me. 
  26. Love it largely biological.
  27. Hormones are real. 
  28. It’s healthy to be attracted to someone other than you partner (acting on that attraction is a different story) 
  29. Self-consciousness destroys intimacy. Instantly
  30. Gratitude makes a difference. 
  31. Kissing improves dental hygiene. (true story) 
  32. Love makes everything taste better. 
  33. Your soulmate enters your life to help you evolve. And that doesn’t always mean staying together. 
  34. You will seek someone who can hurt/disappoint you in familiar ways. 
  35. Asking for what you want increases your chance of fulfillment. 
  36. Focusing on the qualities you enjoy about your parter will improve the health of your relationship. 
  37. Intimacy and sex are two different things, that sometimes intersect. 
  38. Disinterest is the leading cause of divorce. (my opinion, but it’s 100% accurate)
  39. Don’t ask for more than you’re willing to give. 
  40. When you take care of yourself, you are taking care of your partner.  
  41. Energy is a 3rd party in every relationship. 
  42. Don’t ever stop flirting with each other. 
  43. The things you don’t say are always more harmful than the things you do.  
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At a snails pace, but always on time


There is an angst that is paired with not knowing. This is a feeling that everyone is running from, all the time.

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