An ode to Stretchmarks

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an ode to stretchmarks

who says your stretchmarks aren’t jewels?

who says they aren’t glitter trails?

who says divinity does not breathe through your stretchmarks?

who says life does not admire herself through your stretch marks? tweet this

that planets do not align along your lines?

who says your stretchmarks aren’t your way home?

aren’t living prayers?

aren’t love letters?

who says your stretchmarks can’t take you to the moon?

who says they do not contain libraries of divine knowledge?

who says they do not worship you?

who says your stretchmarks aren’t the twinned reflection of lightning?

that when you touch them, clouds do not shift in reverence and respect?

who says your stretchmarks aren’t a network of sacred autographs?

who says they aren’t magick?

who says your stretchmarks aren’t streams of the universe’s consciousness?

who says they aren’t the manifestation of your very own photosynthesis?

        by Ebele Ajogbe

Check out Ebele’s site: Love Notes to Your Stretchmarks

And while you’re here… check out this #ThisIsSOMEBody Chat where Ebele reads this poem and brings me to tears! We celebrated stretch marks, explored the connection between our bodies and EVERYTHING, and we also talked about the importance of being thankful for shit, literally + metaphorically.

So much goodness in this chat! 


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