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Sex is often stigmatized. It makes people uncomfortable… and I think that’s unfortunate. Well I’ve never been comfortable in a box… but I’m very comfortable with my sexual self.

I discovered the delight of sexual pleasure at a fairly young age. I have always been fascinated + curious about sexuality, although I am not sure that I fully embraced this truth until I was well into my 30’s. 


But I’m a grown woman now.


And I wholeheartedly believe that:


– we are all sexual beings.

– sexual energy + creative energy are the same damn thing.

– exploring sensuality will up level your life + business.

– the entire Universe resides in a woman’s pelvis.

– stuckness is the result desires that are being ignored.

– there is more than one way to do – all things.

– pleasure is a birthright.

– you can have your cake (in your favorite flavor) + eat it too.


My mission is to help you:


  • feel alive and on fire about being in your own skin.
  • to be so present that it feels like there are more than 24 hours in a day.
  • to fall in love with yourself, your family, and your life… all over again.


Who am i?


I’m Stacey, a native Angelino, who loves to talk.! And sex happens to be one of my favorite subjects. I am seeker and my default setting is optimistic.


I believe that deliciousness is about life, not taste.


I am not a size 2 and I don’t wear stilettos. 


I believe that beauty is not a look, but a feeling.


I believe that sexy is not an article of clothing, but the embodiment of vivacity. And that sexy is also a subjective term that applies to everyone.


I also believe that every woman deserves a lover who makes her wet. That the work she does should make her nipples hard. And that she should be aroused by some aspect of her life on a daily basis.


But I know what it feels like to have a full plate. When there are not enough hours in a day to accommodate all the things that need to be done.


There was a time when self-care was a conversation and not something I routinely practiced. Family, friends, work… people relied on me. 


And I got tired. Tired of trying to keep all the balls in the air. Tired of being spread so thin. Tired of being everything to everybody. Tired of being tired.


I was working  job that sucked the life out of me on a daily basis. I could not build my own business because I was too busy wearing a cape.


I became resentful. Then I got sick.


I stressed myself to the point of developing an illness that caused blindness in my left eye. 


I had to lose my sight in order to regain my vision


But you don’t have to…


You CAN make different choices now. You CAN have it all without losing your shit. You CAN live a turned-on life without giving up the things and the people you love. 


And I can help you do that…


I  receiving emails from gorgeous people who are ready to deepen the connection with their sensual selves. So I invite your to drop me a line…